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Making extra money from Ngage from the same traffic you are getting right now is a no brainer. You simply install the plugin, Select the leak you want to plug, enter the URL and BAM! You are all set.
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Listen, sending all your bounced traffic to your affiliate link is a smart move, but sending them to a page from where you can not only make more money and collect more leads, is PURE GENIUS!

Just about 2 months ago, I was using 18 templates specifically designed and optimized for “Bounced Traffic”, and the results were absolutely stunning.

I was able to

  • Fill my Webinar seats to the brim
  • Get 4x Leads I usually got
  • Made over 820% more in CPA commissions
  • and made heck lot of money by selling “other people’s” products…

The other day, my wife asked me a question…

She said, “Hey, why don’t you provide your customer’s with the exact templates that you have been using to generate extra leads and sales while using Ngage?”

It seemed little crazy because she doesn’t know that these templates are exclusive for our students who pay over $997 to join our mastermind group..

But hey… you know how wives are..

So we put on our marketing Hats, called our designer, and Ankit and I personally supervised everything till we got over 300 templates. Not all were good (n terms of converting the bounced traffic into $$$).

So we decided to TEST

And 300 templates, $3800 and 19 days later, when we had to pick the winners, we all zeroed in on a figure that you would absolutely LOVE.

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Webinar Pages

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CPA Pages

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Presell Pages

30 of them…

that you can use on all of your websites!

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Unlimited Pages

No limits on the number of pages you build no subscriber or page view limits either!

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Log into your wordpress dashboard, and point and click your way to a attention grabbing, high converting pages.

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Simple Wordpress plugin, that you need to install and start creating high converting pages right away

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